Westland and Alweco strenghten collaboration

Donnerstag, 26. März 2015

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the collaboration between Alweco Screening Systems from the Netherlands and Westland Greenhouse Equipment & Supplies. As both companies have had a lot of success due to this collaboration, they have decided to strengthen the relationship by creating a partnership in which knowledge of screening technology and experience in the North-American market is shared and used as a basis for further innovations and new applications specific to this market. According to Westland’s Graig Riesebosch, this will result in a better product with better pricing for our customers.

Collaboration of Knowledge and Experience.

All North-American projects will from now on be handled by this new organisation. “Every screening project, big or small, needs a tailor made solution that is appropriate for local climate as well as existing greenhouse structures and systems”, Riesebosch said. “By gaining more insight into the unique complexity of each project, we can make sure that the right experts of this new organisation, from Canada as well as from the Netherlands, are involved in the execution of each screening project. This will result in a perfect screening solution for each and every one of our customers.”

Building on Existing Collaboration

Alweco and Westland have been operating in the greenhouse industry for quite a number of years and have built up a sizeable network in the process. “Therefore we intend to use the knowledge and experience we have gained to optimize the Alweco screening systems. Experienced users of our systems will contribute to the rapid technological developments we will create together. These advances will reduce pricing through easier installation of our products or longer maintenance-free use by our customers. Many of these advances have already been incorporated in our screening systems. As well, as our customers your combined knowledge and experience will enable us to respond quicker to technical questions and needs specific to the North American market.”


The main purpose of this closer collaboration between Alweco and Westland is to innovate and improve tailor made screening solutions for North American greenhouse growers. Even though there will be more experts working for you behind the scenes, Geert van Zanten and Craig Riesebosch of Westland Greenhouse Equipment & Supplies will remain your contacts for all screening projects in Canada and the USA.

You can reach Geert at (905) 658-3878 or and Craig at (905) 658-9525 or .

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