Installing cloth in a snap!

The new Quick-Zip installation system (patent pending) is designed to quickly install cloth in all kinds of greenhouses with every type of cloth, from any supplier. Also in high greenhouses, it makes no difference for this installation system.

The application is actually very simple. Screen cloths are fitted by the Quick-Zip installation system from the side of the screen installation, making it no longer necessary for the fitting of cloth to make use of the total greenhouse area. Also, when replacing existing screen cloths, the system is much more efficient.

Besides a fast and efficient installation, the system also reduces the risks for the technicians during installation and the cloth can be installed at a later stage when all other installation teams are left. At that point, the construction of the greenhouse is more clean and dust free. Thus the cloth remains clean during installation, resulting in better screen and installation values.

If you want to see how it works, click here or watch the video below.