Ultra Groove cable drum

Virtually no cable wear when excessively used!

The screen market in horticulture requires new products to suit changes in cultivation techniques and consistent with the sustainability policy of our own organization .

Because new types of climate control often require a continuous movement of a screen installation, wear of the pull cable increases. Therefore Alweco Screen installations developed a new cable drum for her pull cable screen systems, thus reducing wear to a minimum. The Ultra Groove cable drum (patent pending) is standard on all Alweco screen installations from now on.

The newly developed cable drum has a helical groove in which the pull wire is fed in and rolled out . Because of this guide the wire makes no lateral contact, retains its original shape and is always in the right place, resulting in virtually no wear.

An additional advantage of the new Ultra Groove cable drum is the manner in which it may be applied. The cable drum consists of two parts, so that it can be easily mounted on an axis. When installing a new screen installation, the cable drums can be mounted on after the screen system is installed and the Ultra Groove cable drum is also easy to replace when necessary.

If you want to see how it works, click here or watch the video below.