Celebrating the 30 Years Anniversary of ALWECO.

26 April 2017

Today we are Celebrating the 30 Years Anniversary of ALWECO.

Founded in 1987 in our Global Greenhouse Industry our company evolved over these 30 years in a most fantastic way, resulting in the company which now stands as a Leading Supplier, Installer and Producer of screen systems with the ALWECO brand name known all over the World.

Although the company now employs a larger team of specialists, lines of communication inside and outside the company have been kept short allowing technical issues to be responded to in an effective and efficient manner. This is one aspect of our business that will never change.

ALWECO focuses constantly on product development and innovation, not in isolation, but in partnership with other links in the horticultural supply chain. Consolidating this knowledge and expertise results in practical, high quality products that satisfy customers’ needs and requirements.

This is the basic promise upon which ALWECO operates.

30 Years of Anniversary of Alweco is achieved with the full support our Global Alweco Team our Customers, Agents and Suppliers, we would like to thank all of them for their continues support over these past years and again for the upcoming years.

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