Screen renovation

More value from existing screen systems

Existing Alweco screen systems, but also screen installations from other suppliers, can provide more efficiency through renovation. By a better closure, improved light transmission and the application of modern screens you can achieve a higher production and save money on energy costs. Also, a well-executed renovation results in lower maintenance costs for many years to come.

Sometimes the replacement of screen cloth only is already sufficient to improve the performance of an existing screen system. We are always up-to-date with the very latest developments on screen cloth and can advise you for the best return. A screen cloth is easy to replace. By doing it yourself, he cost of replacement will be limited.

If parts of the system have to replaced, or if the screen system must be refurbished, we can quickly estimate the parts needed. No matter whether it concerns an Alweco screen installation or an installation from another supplier. Next, we provide you with a competitive offer for the whole package, if necessary including a Alweco supervisor. The renovation is done by you, however, you have an Alweco expert for several hours at your disposal to guide your team.

Are you interested in a renovation of your screen system?